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    CREATIVE PROJECT: Natimuk Primary School students, from left, Jacinta Klowss, Eleeha Morrison, Phoebe Sudholz and Freya Jones check on the progress of their lizard-inspired seat project. Picture: PAUL CARRACHER

Blue-tongue lizard seat takes shape at natimuk

Natimuk Primary School will soon have a ‘blue-tongue lizard seat’ to cater for parents waiting to pick up their children. 

Principal Ingrid Clarkson said watching parents standing around talking inspired her to come up with a solution for a lack of seating.

“It was decided the year five and six class would construct a concrete lizard seat that will be covered in mosaics to create life-like patterns,” she said. 

“This seat will also be useful as an outdoor learning space.”

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Mrs Clarkson consulted Haven artist Nicola Clarke, who provided her expertise for the project.

“The year five and six students designed a lizard on grid paper and prepared the area at the front of the school during their maths classes,” Mrs Clarkson said.

She said using measurement skills, the students marked out a grid, enlarging a lizard drawing on the grid using pencils to create an outline.

“Then came the hard manual labour of digging out two cubic metres of dirt to level the area and shape it,” she said.

Mrs Clarkson, Mrs Clarke and Jill and Dave Jones laid out the form work during the school holidays so a concrete base could be poured. 

“On their return to school, staff, students and parents were all very excited to see the lizard take shape,” Mrs Clarkson said.

“We cannot wait to start phase two, which is building the seat using straw, wire and more concrete.”

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