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Brett Hammond has music running in his blood

Career musician Brett Hammond is making his mark in the Gold Coast music scene. 

The former Horsham resident and self-described ‘one-man band’ has been busy during COVID-19 lockdown, crafting a six-song Extended Play, EP, and producing several music videos. 

The multi-instrumentalist launched the videos in the build-up to his EP ‘Streets Talk’, released earlier this month.

A music video for his track Turn n Runaway featured Hammond singing along to the heavy rock ballad while people threw a banquet of cakes and condiments at him. 

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Hammond said the music video was a ‘light-hearted’ way to generate interest in his music.  

“I’ve just seen how music videos have changed and shaped the music industry,” he said. 

“Videos have become more important than the concept behind the song, especially in commercial music.

“Turn n Runaway was pretty much showing a film clip could be anything. 

“It was just a basic idea to have some fun and add a bit of shock value.”

Hammond grew up in Horsham and played in bands including Fetrail and Still in Dispute. 

He moved to Queensland in 2001 and played in a heavy-rock band called Misdirection until 2010. 

Hammond said he continued to pursue music after the group disbanded.  

“Since Misdirection broke up, I’ve had friends and family members who encouraged me to keep making music – they helped me believe in myself and showed me that I can actually do it,” he said.

“The idea of doing it all by myself was a pipe dream I had when I was younger – making music by myself under my own name.” 

Hammond plays all instruments such as drums, strings, bass and keyboard in every recorded track under his own name. 

His new album can be streamed from Spotify, iTunes or Amazon. 

His latest videos for his songs The Ever Ticking Brain, A Simple Thing and Turn n Runaway can be viewed on YouTube.

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