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EDITORIAL: The power of faith is with us all

The expression ‘have faith’ is one of the most powerful we can use when searching for resolve, confidence, direction and motivation.

It is such a malleable term, a wonderful tool to consistently encourage people to believe and trust in ideals. 

We can use it as a simple throwaway term in general conversation or explore it further and tap into its message for inspiration during times of crisis.

It is much more than a basic religious direction. 

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It taps into the core of humanity, urging people to explore inner strengths and consider others around them, their families, friends and communities and, critically, to push on through times of difficulty.

We need to have faith as we ride the roller-
coaster of life, confronting uncertainty with the steps we take and dealing with the enormity of challenges that nature consistently exhumes.

The COVID-19 pandemic is only one of many examples, little more than a blip in the pages of history in some respects, but profoundly influential on the worldwide people of the moment.

Humanity has confronted these ‘blips’ through war, pestilence, natural disasters and all other kinds of threats since it emerged as the planet’s dominant species.

Where would we be if we had failed to have faith, as much in ourselves as in any spiritual power, in our resolve to prevail. 

We are blessed with the ability to rationalise, which in some circumstances can and has been as much a weakness as a strength. But humanity has a habit of ultimately coming out on top. 

‘Having faith’ is a powerful weapon. It taps into the core of who we are and what pushes our buttons to succeed, prevail and survive.

We welcome the arrival of Christmas, perhaps with a little more gusto than usual this year. And we encourage everyone, regardless of religious or lack of religious beliefs, to consider the occasion reflective of a need to have faith, in any of its forms.

Christmas, as much as anything, is a celebration of the birth of an ideal as it is about an adored deity. 

It is also about believing through love and virtuous humanity that something beyond hardship is always within our grasp. 

It is about having conviction, confidence, assurance, belief, trust – faith.

It’s been a tough 2020 for many as we’ve tackled an unseen, deadly and disruptive virus. 

We must maintain our faith, from whatever direction it comes and Christmas represents a timely refuelling station.

If there is something that sits above faith on the leaderboard of powerful human emotion it must surely be ‘love’. 

It works hand-in-glove with faith and is the most formidable of human forces.

It’s hard for some people who do it particularly tough at this time of year, so let’s ensure we all share the love this holiday period and keep encouraging all to have faith.

From all at The Weekly Advertiser, we wish everyone a happy and thoughtful Christmas. Please stay safe.

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