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    NOMINATING: Claudia Haenel has put her hand up for local government elections. Picture: PAUL CARRACHER

Experience backs Claudia Haenel

Third-generation Horsham resident Claudia Haenel will draw on her experience in media, marketing, small-business ownership and event organising if she wins a seat on Horsham Rural City Council.

Ms Haenel, in confirming her nomination for the October elections, said she believed her knowledge from working in the arts, health, hospitality and agricultural sectors would also be valuable.

She said as a third-generation Horsham resident she was passionate about the Wimmera and keen to work hard for her home town. 

“I have worked with people all my life and it would be an honour and privilege to serve as a councillor for the community I was born and raised in,” she said.

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“Living abroad and across the country also brings a fresh perspective to decision-making.”

Ms Haenel said the entertainment, arts and hospitality sectors had been hard hit by the impact of COVID-19 in recent times and an example of adaptation was what had happened with a charity money-raising festival planned for her property at Easter .

“Through innovation and thinking outside the square, On the Brink festival was reformatted into the first music festival to be fully presented and delivered online,” she said.

“The annual festival to raise money for our endangered wildlife will go ahead next Easter thanks to perseverance and successful funding.

“Musicians and artists dedicate their time and skills for charity so it’s important to give back and provide platforms for them to thrive. 

“So, the Horsham Rocks jazz, blues and rock festival is also planned for the first week in February 2021.This will give the hospitality industry the boost they require. 

“In turn the retail sector will benefit, providing the jobs and stimulus they and the whole community needs. 

“Arts, entertainment, hospitality and tourism bring positive health and wellbeing outcomes for everyone, both now and into the future.”

Ms Haenel said there was much to look forward to overall for Horsham.

“Our agricultural, renewables and building sectors are doing well and with future mining possibilities to cater for, it is an exciting time for our region,” she said.

“Now is the perfect time to shape the liveability of our town and surrounding areas through sustainable roads and infrastructure to cater for the bright future ahead.”

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