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    CREATIVE FLAIR: Horsham Holy Trinity Lutheran College students Zara Nichols, left, and Zara Adams have struck a publishing deal for their picture story books.

Horsham students Zara Nichols and Zara Adams show a spark of literary genius

Two Horsham students exploring their creativity have been successful in having their literary creations professionally published. 

Holy Trinity Lutheran College year-six student Zara Adams and year-seven student Zara Nichols have had their picture story books published.  

Zara Adams’ book, ‘Turtle… The Slowest Dolphin in the Seven Seas!’, is the tale of a dolphin named Turtle, who struggles to keep pace with his dolphin peers. 

“The idea of the book is that Turtle doesn’t fit in with everyone else because he is too slow. So, he trains to work up speed and finally is able to be as fast as the others – maybe even a little bit faster,” Zara said. 

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“I love how books can be so entertaining and full of excitement. I love writing books and stories for school, or even in my spare time.” 

She said she hoped her work would provide an example of what was possible for other young people. 

“The goal was if it ever did get published then it would teach kids around the world that you don’t have to be an adult to follow your dreams,” she said. 

“It is really exciting to have my book published because I never thought that it would happen.”

Zara Nichols’ book, The Lonely Little Sloth, is about a sloth that tries to fit in with other animals.  “The book shows that you don’t have to change who you are to fit in, because if you wait, good things will come to you,” Zara said. 

“I wanted to create a story with a moral that would help people. Young children take lessons from stories and I wanted my story to mean something to them and give them confidence about themselves.”  

The students’ books were created as part of the school’s Literacy Enrichment program, which provides an opportunity for students with a flair for literacy to develop their skills and follow their passion.

Head of junior school Fiona Friberg said the students were challenged to prepare a picture-
story book that developed characters and a plot, along with illustrations to provide ‘real life’ context and attract an audience for their project.

“We are very excited to have two students publish their creative writing,” she said. 

“It is one of our priorities to encourage all students’ curiosity and creativity across subject areas here at HTLC. We are preparing students for a life in the 21st century, where creativity and innovation are highly sought-after skills for any employer in this rapidly changing society.” 

– Dylan De Jong