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    HAVE WINGS, WILL FLY: Ararat College year-eight student Rahni Cooper with the school’s Wings of Gratitude. Picture: PAUL CARRACHER

Interactive art showcase for grateful Ararat College students

Students at Ararat College have helped create an interactive artwork to reflect on what they were grateful for during difficult times.

College psychology teacher Janine Poole organised the Wings of Gratitude wall at the school as a connection to a school’s participation in a Resilience Project.

“With this in mind I asked students to focus on what they are grateful for and they then coloured, drew or wrote this on feathers of the wings,” she said.

“We tried to ensure most students in the school completed at least one feather. We also included staff and anyone else in the school community who wanted to contribute to this project.”

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Ms Poole said the project aim was to be inclusive as possible and to put a positive spin on what the community was experiencing in such an unusual and challenging year.

“Most students had a focus on family and friends which was great to see and it was clear they were aware how lucky they were to have shelter, food and clothing –  the basic necessities of life,” she said.

“They added the ‘black lives matter’ logos and the LGBTIQA colours with words like ‘acceptance’, which was fantastic.

“I want every student to walk past the display and smile because it looks so good, feel proud that they contributed to it and to have a little more positive outlook.

“I have added at the bottom of this display – ‘Retrain your brain by thinking of three things you’re grateful for each day’. I also added the quote ‘Positivity will let you soar’. I hope they read this every day.”

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