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    Researcher and guest speaker Ivan Neville blieves COVID-19 was likely to make job prospects even tougher for young people.

Jobs market tightening due to COVID-19 – researcher

A market researcher is imploring parents and teachers across the Wimmera to encourage young people to follow through with their education to improve their employability as competition in the labour market tightens.  

Western Victorian Careers Expo organisers brought together more than 30 teachers and leaders from across the region for an online seminar to assess the immediate effects of COVID-19 on the jobs market. 

Researcher and guest speaker Ivan Neville said COVID-19 was likely to make job prospects even tougher for young people. 

“The trend towards higher-skilled workers is continuing, so that means education and training is essential,” he said. 

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“Anything you can do to encourage a young person in your area to continue with their education, not only to complete school, but also do further education and training will be of enormous benefit to them.” 

Mr Neville said young people were more likely to lose work and struggle to regain employment through the pandemic. 

“We know that many jobs have been lost, particularly in industries such as hospitality, tourism and the arts – they’re the industries that employ a lot of young people,” he said. 

“The youth unemployment rate is 16 percent nationally and in Victoria it’s at 14 percent. Before COVID-19 youth unemployment was at nine percent. 

“The opportunities in the job market are pretty scant at the moment. It means it’s pretty tough for young people.”

Mr Neville said healthcare, aged and disability care would continue to be major employers throughout the pandemic, followed by construction, education and training, science and technical services. 

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