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LETTER: Community policy

SIR, – The Victorian government has enforced all local governments to establish a ‘community engagement policy’, which I strongly suggest that all members of the Horsham Rural City Council community respond to.

Unfortunately I only noticed the existence of this policy on the council’s website late last year and the closing time for response is January 23 – so much for community engagement.

The Horsham community is fully aware of how the council has been engaging with the community in recent times, stemming with the Horsham Town Hall siting, the siting of the new sports stadium and more recently the city to river plan, all of which the council has totally ignored the community wishes.

The level of community trust in the council is at an all time low.

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On the council website you will see the draft ‘Community Engagement Policy’ which uses all wishy washy speak about community engagement, however makes no mention about taking notice of what the community is saying.

You will see how the policy speaks of ‘hear comments and be able to implement recommendations from the community on our plans, strategies and operations’ – our plans, not your wishes.

I strongly suggest that you all spend some time now and have your say on how HRCC should implement the community wishes on council projects.

Robin L Barber


The entire January 13, 2021 edition of The Weekly Advertiser is available online. READ IT HERE!