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LETTER: Feral animal control

SIR, – Proposed introduction of dingoes into the Grampians is a contentious issue. 

It’s important to consider how we have reached the position whereby Parks Victoria believes we need to reintroduce a predatory species back into a habitat that it hasn’t occupied for decades.

Mismanagement of feral animal problems, as well as overpopulation issues, have been an ongoing concern for many years. 

The question is, to whom the blame falls? The easy answer is Parks Victoria, although the onus should not fall on it alone because it is only partly to blame, beholden to the government as it is.

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Fundamental fault lies with policies of the State Government that has seen national park funding decline year after year.  

Moving to the proposed introduction of dingoes into Grampians National Park. I respect that First Nations people and Parks Victoria want to reintroduce native species back into the Grampians. 

Nevertheless, I urge the Energy, Environment and Climate Change Minister to consider there are more options, aside from the release of dingoes, for both kangaroo and feral-animal control. Dingoes might have been reintroduced into the Victorian high country with success, but there are  factors that differ from the Grampians, including terrain and isolation.

In the more populated Grampians area the risk of dingoes breeding with domestic dogs rises, in turn creating feral dogs.  

While dingoes might be more prone to hunting kangaroos, wild dogs are different and will attack sheep for fun. 

I have heard suggestions that farmers could get better fences, or guard dogs such as maremma sheepdogs. The question is:  who is going to fund these ‘solutions’?

Emma Kealy MP, Victorian Farmers Federation and others have raised their concerns with the minister. Let us see if again the voices of farmers and regional Victorians are ignored in the bureaucracy of Melbourne.

Robert Letts


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