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LETTER: God never closes

SIR, – Christian Faith Leaders of Stawell and District, as below, join together to encourage and inform the community that although church buildings are closed, God never closes. 

More than ever, we want the community to be assured of our prayers, and to know that leaders and congregational members are available for support and contact.

In these unprecedented times, as community, we seek to support each other and be aware of our neighbours. 

The last Sunday of March was Neighbour Day. As a sign of our care for each other, we invite people to light a candle  – battery operated for safety – and place it in a window between 7pm and 8pm each Sunday.

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In this way we can light up our communities, share a sign of hope and show our neighbours that we are okay.

We also invite people during that hour, to take time to pray or reflect and think about families, friends, faith, life, the world and so on.

With Easter approaching, we also remind people of the true message of Easter; the gift that God sent to the world in His Son, Jesus Christ, to live and die to bring humanity back to God. And more than that, defeating death by rising again, and so bringing new life for now and for eternity. Bringing hope in a new beginning in relationship with God and each other.

We pray that people will find this hope, peace and new life.

Deb Jenkinson, Church Without Walls-International, Stawell; Pastor Philip Brown for Pastor Irene Gould, Baptist Church; Captains Lynne and Greg Turnbull and Sandra Pickens, Salvation Army; Pastor Peter Rollo, Seventh Day Adventist Church; Rev Susan Pearse, Uniting Church.

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