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LETTER: There’s only one way

SIR, – Residents of Horsham Eastbank, you built in an area that is one way in and out only.

With extra development in a few years’ time when you are sitting in the queue in Stockton Drive waiting for a chance to enter Williams Road, assuming Cameron Road traffic will let you in, contemplate what advantage the Hamilton Street footbridge was when you could have had a vehicle bridge at the end of McBryde Street.

McBryde Street, with the wide-open McPherson Street intersection, is your only chance of solving your vehicle-access problems.

It is the only street that can be widened to cope with the 1000-plus vehicles per day. Remember there are still 500 houses to be built on Eastbank and another 200 south of Williams Road.

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I am sure you can imagine the gigantic Stawell Road-Williams Road traffic bottleneck if you do not ask Horsham Rural City Council for a McBryde Street bridge.

Ratepayers will only give you one bridge – make it a joint pedestrian-vehicle crossing.

Eastbank residents, tell your councillors this before they commit to forever restricting you to a footbridge only.

Neville McIntyre, McKenzie Creek

The entire March 17, 2021 edition of The Weekly Advertiser is available online. READ IT HERE!