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    GREATER ACCESS: The Weekly Advertiser editor Dean Lawson, flanked by ACE Digital specialist Bonnie Severin and advertising manager Mark Sulic, compare different ways of accessing the newspaper’s content. People can now subscribe to having a free digital version of the newspaper emailed to their inbox every Wednesday. Picture: PAUL CARRACHER

New free service delivers The Weekly Advertiser editions to your inbox

Readers across the Wimmera, Mallee, Grampians and beyond can now get immediate access to the latest full editions of The Weekly Advertiser through a new free email subscription service.

The Weekly Advertiser has for many years published a virtual epaper, a newspaper-style edition, on its website. Now people can sign up to have it automatically sent to their email inbox every Wednesday.

Apart from stories summing up community life across the region, the easy-to-navigate epaper also features all the advertised deals, bargains, shopping opportunities and classifieds that appear in weekly editions.

All people have to do to receive this no-obligation service is to sign up for a subscription on The Weekly Advertiser website,

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At the top of the website’s home page there is purple banner that, with a simple click, takes readers to a subscription form. There are no paywalls or unwelcome diversions.

Editor Dean Lawson said by presenting a weekly free newspaper, The Weekly Advertiser had no need for paid online subscriptions.

“We’re a free publication and that means with our online presentation as well,” he said.

“The only paid-subscription service we have is for postal deliveries for people outside of our usual distribution area or unable to readily get their hands on a printed product. 

“But extra free copies are often available from various drop-off points across the region.

“We are intrinsically part of our community, having for more than two decades never abandoned or taken a break from providing local news and importantly, championing causes for the Wimmera, Mallee and Grampians.

“As such we have never seen a greater need to ensure we get The Weekly Advertiser, for news content and local business advertising, out to as many readers as possible.”

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