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    PROGRESS: Nhill College student Mikayla Farmers. Picture: PAUL CARRACHER

Speaker Mikayla confident but not outspoken

Public speaking is a daunting task for most, but Nhill College student Mikayla Farmers revels at the challenge.

After winning a public speaking competition in the Wimmera as part of a Lion’s Club Youth of the Year program, Mikayla will now prepare to compete in a regional contest in Torquay. 

Mikayla competed against contenders from Nhill, Kaniva and Natimuk. 

She said she valued public speaking in today’s society.

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“It’s an incredibly important skill and I think these days a lot of people lack it,” she said.

“Thankfully through school and community programs there are opportunities to develop this important skill. It is needed in a lot of areas of everyday life.”

Mikayla’s winning efforts, in front of a crowd of people, included a topic of choice and two impromptu topics.

She chose to talk about ‘the importance of real friendships in the rise of social media’ and responded to the questions: ‘If you could invite two people to dinner who would it be?’ and ‘is panic buying a reflection on today’s society?’

– Dylan De Jong

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