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A special gift

Some people choose to volunteer and learn new skills, and others choose to use their knowledge and expertise as skilled volunteers.

Some people choose to volunteer in their local communities, and others in other communities across Australia, or even overseas.

Volunteering has given me some wonderful opportunities and experiences, drawing on cooking and governance experience. 

As a skilled volunteer I have met and volunteered with amazing people, locally, nationally and internationally.

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This month will see my colleague Stephanie Thomson, my daughter Bonnie Pettett and I all taking leave and heading to volunteer in central Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory where we will be part of a five-day Women’s Healthy Country Forum being organised by Mimal Land Management at Emu Springs.

Along with our partners and my three-month old grandson, we started our 3500-kilometre drive on August 29, to arrive on September 1 ready to cook for five days.

Our volunteering will see us provide the catering for more than 150 women who are coming together from Indigenous Land and Sea Ranger programs from across the Northern Territory. Adding to the adventure, there is no commercial kitchen, no shop nearby and we will be cooking by campfire and barbecue, and – we are sleeping in swags.

Later in September, when Stephanie and I return from leave, we will then prepare to volunteer locally, as we and other volunteers organise and provide the catering for a Laharum football presentation night.

This volunteering will enable us to raise much-needed funds for a Licencing the Wimmera program.

Money raised from the catering will go toward the cost of having a vehicle available to support young people get the practice they need to gain their licences – a very worthwhile cause. Changing lives, strengthening communities.

• Julie Pettett is Centre for Participation chief executive.

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