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    MOO-ROKE: Goroke P-12 College secondary agriculture students are excited to be heading to nationals for their winning Cows Create Careers project.

AgLife: Cows create win for Goroke students

Goroke P-12 College students are winners of the South West Victoria Cows Create Careers project for semester one.

The team of year-seven to year-10 agriculture students, called Moo-Roke, were in charge of caring for and studying two, three-week-old dairy calves.

The students fed the calves three litres of milk each, twice a day for three weeks. They had to track their growth through a weight tape and record how much milk they drank each day.

“We also made a video showing our understanding of dairy nutrition and the important role it has in our diets,” the students said.

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“Our video was a take on The Chase Australia and we included questions about nutritional facts for humans consuming dairy and for taking care of our calves.

“We also learned about the biosecurity measures we had to put in place, like a footbath and sanitising hands and feeding equipment to make sure the calves didn’t pick up any diseases.

“We submitted a letter thanking the program for our participation and created a scientific report which included all of our data and overall interpretation of their growth, additionally we included methods required for rearing the calves.”

The school received $250 for the win and each student received a $20 iTunes voucher.

“We learnt all about the rearing of calves alongside biosecurity and key nutritional facts and information,” the students said.

“We thought the experience was really good and noticed a huge difference between calves and lambs.

“Calves had a much larger intake of milk and drink a lot faster.”

Student Maisy Batson said: “It was so hard to stay composed when they were interviewing us after the win because I was just so surprised and taken back.” 

Jaydee Events runs the Cows Create Careers project with support from the Gardiner Foundation and WestVic Dairy.

The team is now eligible to enter the $3000 National SNR prize competition, announced in November.

The entire July 27, 2022 edition of The Weekly Advertiser is available online. READ IT HERE!

The entire July 27, 2022 edition of AgLife is available online. READ IT HERE!