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    GEARED UP: Viterra  employees Lachlan Pike, left, and Colby Ledger are pictured with the first new-season grain at Dooen and are ready for a major ramp-up for the 2021-22 harvest.

AgLife: Viterra Dooen primed for bumper harvest

Viterra’s Dooen site is primed for an expected bumper 2021-22 Wimmera harvest and is already busy receiving new-series grain.

Viterra Adelaide region operations manager Neil Carr said the team worked hard to ensure safe and efficient services in readiness for the season.

“Growers can deliver wheat, barley, canola, lentils and faba beans into our Dooen site this year,” he said.

“We have the flexibility to extend opening hours when growers need it and have everything in place to ensure growers are able to deliver their loads as quickly as possible during a busy time of year for them.
We have recruited about 40 seasonal employees to join the site over harvest to support our permanent workforce, with a focus on getting growers’ grain into storage easily and efficiently.”

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Viterra has also introduced new services ahead of the harvest including digital delivery advice.

“Our new digital delivery advice will help to save time and streamline the delivery process for growers as they can duplicate delivery advices, prefill information and complete a declaration once for each commodity and variety in a paddock,” Mr Carr said.

He said Viterra also had multiple cash payment options available at the site and through warehouse to cash with new additions to its payment offering.

“Our new extended payment terms enables growers to transfer their warehoused grain through warehouse to cash, to a cash price with longer payment terms,” he said.

“We also have sustainable cash now at site in addition to through warehouse to cash. These join our daily cash price, which continues to be available at site and through warehouse to cash.”

The entire November 24, 2021 edition of The Weekly Advertiser is available online. READ IT HERE!

The entire November 24, 2021 edition of AgLife is available online. READ IT HERE!