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    MAKE SURE YOU VOTE: Telangatuk East producer Daniel Rogers.

AgLife: Woolgrowers urged to have say in WoolPoll

Woolgrowers across Australia can vote for their preferred industry levy rate, with voting for WoolPoll 2021 having opened earlier this month.

Occurring every three years, WoolPoll is a voluntary vote of all wool-levy payers through which the industry decides on a levy-rate investment in the Australian Wool Innovation activities involving research, development and marketing.

Anyone who has paid at least $100 in wool levies over the past three years is eligible to vote.

An independent WoolPoll 2021 panel includes Wimmera grower Daniel Rogers from Telangatuk East.

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Panel chair Steven Bolt, a mixed farmer at Corrigin, Western Australia, is encouraging eligible levy payers to have their say on the direction of the wool industry by voting.

“The poll is unique among Australia’s agricultural sectors,” he said.

“Few industries have a process where producers can vote on the levy rate they believe they should be paying. 

“As woolgrowers, we are empowered with the ability to determine what our industry levy rate should be. It’s our wool and our industry, and now we can have our say about how much we should pay for research and development and marketing as an investment in our future.”

Mr Bolt said the Australian wool industry was emerging from a challenging period – including drought, a declining national flock and the supply-demand impact of the global pandemic.

“We have certainly been confronted by testing times, but we are a proud industry and I expect the resilience of our woolgrowers and their determination to ensure their future prosperity and that of their neighbours and peers will be reflected in a strong voter turnout for WoolPoll 2021,” he said.

“The voter information memorandum has been sent out to all registered levy payers and is also available on the WoolPoll website, so I encourage all woolgrowers to read through that and make an informed decision about their levy rate of choice.”

Growers have up to five options of levy rate to support and can vote for one or more levy rates in order of preference. The options growers can vote on as their preferred levy rate are zero percent, one percent, 1.5 percent, two percent and 2.5 percent.

This year’s WoolPoll will feature a supplementary question which will ask woolgrowers whether they want a five-year WoolPoll cycle, or if they want to remain with the current three-year voting cycle.

“This gives woolgrowers even more say in the direction of the wool industry,” Mr Bolt said.

Mr Rogers said WoolPoll presented growers with a unique opportunity.

“As we look to rebuild our national flock and galvanise our industry, each and every vote in WoolPoll is incredibly important,” he said.

“Discuss the options with your families, farm managers, business partners and employees. Read the voter information memorandum, make an informed decision and then cast your vote.”

Voting for WoolPoll 2021 closes on November 5. Information is available on 1800 990 365 and producers can vote either online at www.wool or via email, fax or post.

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