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    CREATIVE JUICES: Warracknabeal band Gypsy Love Muscle, including drummer Dylan De Jong, lead vocalist and guitarist Jamie Horton and keyboardist Ben Fowler, are looking forward to performing in Horsham early next month. 

Bands ready for rescheduled Art Is... bonfire festival

An unlikely meeting of creative souls is a major driving force behind newly formed three-piece original Warracknabeal band Gypsy Love Muscle.

The band, featuring lead vocalist and guitarist Jamie Horton, keyboardist Ben Fowler and drummer Dylan De Jong, is slowly creeping its way into the Wimmera live music scene.

With a collection of all original psychedelic and alternative rock songs, the band is set to take to the stage for its first show in Horsham early next month at an Art is… festival Winter Warmer bonfire event.

Gypsy Love Muscle will join forces with Horsham band Trapezoid and headlining act Danny Walsh Banned in a showcase of all original music featuring Wimmera artists.

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Horton said the bonfire event would be the fourth show the band had played since it formed early last year.

“It’s super exciting and brave for an organiser to include three artists producing original music, and two who have never performed in Horsham before,” he said.

“It’s all home-grown and we need to keep that aspect of live music alive in this region – it shows crowds are interested in something different and local as well.”

Horton said the three-piece came together in an unlikely turn of events.

Both Horton and Fowler made their start in music in the Gippsland region, and although their paths occasionally crossed, the two were on different trajectories in life.

It was not until more than 10 years later, after both had moved to Warracknabeal and completely unaware of each other’s movements, that their paths crossed again.

Horton said he was surprised when Fowler reached out to him to let him know he had found a drummer who had relocated to Warracknabeal to start a career in rural reporting at the town’s newspaper.

“I hadn’t heard from this guy in quite a long time. He told me he was now living in Warracknabeal, which was quite shocking in itself,” Horton said.
“We put together a jam and had a few drinks and got to know each other, there was no real planning.

“We’ve all come from very different places in life and music doesn’t draw boundaries on that.

“You can put people of any age, from any background in a room with instruments and something magical can happen.”

Horton said after only a short period of playing music together, and the  COVID-19 pandemic preventing them from meeting for a large portion of 2020, the band had a full set of music ready to play.

He said creativity and receptiveness were key factors contributing to the band’s ability to churn out original music.

“Our ability to write original music came from an openness towards each other and ideas. There are no boundaries,” he said.

“There was never really a programmed structure, it was just a collaboration of music, ideas, feel and energy.

“It’s never been wrapped in plastic. We have separate connections and we all get very much in our own space when we play. 

“There’s individuality from every aspect of the band.”

The bonfire event at Horsham Showground was postponed to July 3 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The event will celebrate Wimmera artists and musicians, combining a range of live music, performing arts, dance workshops, community sing-alongs and food markets. 

Horton said the band was grateful for the opportunity to play.

“Music and coming together of people is a really important thing and to be a very new band and to be involved in local production is exciting and gives me butterflies to be playing in front of large crowds in a local area,” he said.

“To play our own music locally is very humbling and exciting to be able to do that. I hope people enjoy it.”

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