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    NOVEL NEWCOMER: Young Ararat author George Wilson is launching his debut novel The Amaranth at Ararat Regional Library tomorrow. Picture: PAUL CARRACHER

Book launch for young Ararat author

October 31 widely conjures images of Halloween celebrations, trick-or-treating and scary costumes.

This year, it will also aptly play host to a young Ararat writer’s debut as a thriller-mystery author.

George Wilson, 22, will launch his first fiction novel The Amaranth at Ararat Regional Library tomorrow.

From 7pm to 9pm, the event will include chapter readings, a signing, giveaways and a raffle in celebration of the book’s release.

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For Mr Wilson, the ‘haunting’ tale of a teenager forced to leave their urban lifestyle for a seaside town that progressively becomes darker and more sinister has been a concept many years in the making.

He said he first started writing as a coping mechanism for severe panic attacks after graduating school. 

And from a collection of short stories and his own experience of moving from city to seaside, he created The Amaranth’s narrative.

“I suppose I know the element of fear so well because I’ve experienced it,” he said.

“Whenever I had a particular fear – maybe there was a spider in my room or something – I started to write about it, and writing became my way of getting over that.”

Mr Wilson said The Amaranth, published by Dark House Publishers, was also an exploration of the importance of nature and, in particular, flowers.

He said he wanted to create something that made people think differently about the world.

“Essentially flowers, in my mind, are a metaphor for the whole process of life,” he said. “Every day they are growing around us and they have to be nurtured. 

“They are a big part of nature and the world around us.

“And I think flowers and nature for a lot of people my age, and this is a pretty generalised statement, are really under appreciated.

“I wanted to create something people could read and think, ‘oh, wow, I haven’t thought about that in that way before’.”

Mr Wilson, who confessed he already has another five story ideas in the works, said he was keen for what his writing future could entail.

The Amaranth will be available at major retailers including Amazon, Booktopia, and Fishpond online.

– Lotte Reiter

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