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    PRECISION: Rebekah Wundke, left, and Olivia McFarlane perform a clubs routine at Horsham Calisthenics College’s concert last year. Picture: PAUL CARRACHER

Calisthenics College primed for big year

Horsham Calisthenics College is getting ready for a new year, with classes for all ages starting later this month. 

Principal coach Kylie Hermans said calisthenics was a ‘fantastic’ sport that offered something for everyone at all ages.

“Students will learn six different routines throughout the year, all to be performed on stage with music and in beautiful costumes,” she said. 

“They learn skills such as dance, flexibility, apparatus work, musical theatre, ballet, singing and marching. 

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“Calisthenics is a great way to be active in a fun and friendly team environment.

“Our students develop technical skills and friendships that last a lifetime, and we help them become strong, confident performers.” 

Mrs Hermans said calisthenics was open for students aged four to adult. 

“This year we are very excited to be offering a senior team at our club – the last time we had seniors was in 2017,” she said. 

“It’s fantastic to see many older students either returning to, or staying at, Horsham Calisthenics College.”  

The COVID-19 pandemic meant the college’s students were only able to attend one competition in 2021, and none in 2020. 

Teams usually attend about four or five competitions each year, plus an annual concert. 

The college’s intermediate team won a Royal South Street Society Eisteddfod in Ballarat last year.

Mrs Hermans said the win was a wonderful way to end another difficult year. 

“The girls were so excited to get on stage and they performed beautifully,” she said. 

“To come away with the aggregate was just a bonus.” 

Mrs Hermans said she hoped 2022 would see more of the college’s students on stage. 

Horsham Calisthenics College classes will resume on January 31 and February 2.

Mrs Hermans said people could call her  on 0408 811 346 for more information about classes at Horsham Masonic Hall.

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