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    Shana Miatke.

Call to develop ‘creative’ plan

Horsham district people who pursue various forms of art and other creative pastimes, hobbies and passions have an invitation to take part in the development of a municipal plan for the sector.

Horsham Rural City Council wants to hear from people who spend time being creative as it develops a new Creative Horsham Plan.

Planning is in response to COVID-19 restrictions limiting opportunities for people to gather to celebrate and participate in creative pastimes.

Council creative services and events leader Shana Miatke said information people provided would help inform the plan.

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“The Creative Horsham Plan will guide how council operations tailor and provide services through facilities such as Horsham Town Hall in the future,” she said.

“Through the Creative Horsham Plan, the council is also interested in understanding the needs of creative businesses, the opportunities for public art and improving audience experiences.

“Input and feedback from people living here and making or consuming art is welcome. 

“This can include being part of a band or choir, performing or supporting a theatre group, being part of a dance group or taking dance lessons, learning, playing or performing musical instruments. 

“It could also include being part of an art group, learning new creative skills through lessons and classes, exhibiting or selling your artwork, providing creative services like graphic design, film, photography, design, film animation or gaming or writing or producing artisan products.” 

Ms Miatke said when developed, the Creative Horsham Plan would support a council vision for the municipality to be a ‘vibrant, liveable hub that thrived on strong economic growth and social connectedness’.

People can contribute to the process by completing a survey, open until the end of September.

The 15-minute survey is on website

There will also be other ways the community can contribute during the next few months. 

Ms Miatke said people could also call her via the council on 5382 9777.

The Creative Horsham Plan will be available for comment later this year.

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