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    CELEBRATION: Natimuk artist Hannah French in front of Horsham’s White Hart Hotel, where festive community art is being projected onto the wall. Picture: PAUL CARRACHER

Christmas art on the White Hart


A community art project is shining Christmas cheer on Horsham’s White Hart Hotel.

Horsham Rural City Council’s creative services and events team commissioned Natimuk artist Hannah French to co-ordinate a Christmas Postcard Projection project.

The project includes a display of Christmas cards created by Horsham district primary school students, which are projected onto the west wall of the Firebrace Street hotel every night between 8.30pm and 11pm until New Year’s Eve.

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Ms French said the project had created a sense of excitement for all ages.

“If you’re an adult or a kid you don’t lose your sense of excitement. Seeing the artwork can create a huge sense of pride and achievement,” she said. 

White Hart Hotel publican Bruce Hartigan said the project had created a ‘good vibe’.

“I have no problem with it because it’s good. It’s something different to have a look at,” he said.

Ms French said her upbringing in Natimuk was an inspiration in creating community art projects.

“I have been lucky to grow up in Nati, which is a rich place for community projects,” she said. 

“At a young age I was lucky to be a part of silo shows, which people associate with the Nati Frinj.” 

Ms French said she continued her passion for visual art when she went to university.

She said she had created work in many art disciplines including animation for theatre, production design for film, projection work, graphic design and has directed films. 

“Since I was in university, I’ve loved working with animation and video, it is such a rich and beautiful medium,” she said. 

Ms French said she had enjoyed creating the projections and encouraged families to see the artwork.

“It is a joyful and fun thing to see in Horsham, I encourage families to come and see it,” she said. 

Ms French also developed a project mascot,  ‘Christmas Cocky’.

Creative services and events leader Shana Miatke said the easing of restrictions provided new community art opportunities in the lead up to Christmas.

“The Christmas Postcard Project invites Horsham people and visitors to stay up after bed time and participate in this family-friendly event,” she said.

“The project celebrates our resilience and connection over the past two years.  

“It shares messages of hope and goodwill and will energise the streets of Horsham.”

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