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    Wimmera Regional Sports Assembly 2017 Sports Star of the Year staff Matt Berry, Scott Davidson and David Berrywith Bianca Chatfield.

COVID-19 restriction easing offers opportunity to socialise, engage - Wimmera Regional Sports Assembly

A Wimmera sporting authority is encouraging people to use a further lifting of COVID-19 restrictions to quickly re-engage to get their sporting clubs, pastimes and competitions up and running.

Wimmera Regional Sports Assembly executive officer David Berry said sport played an integral role in society’s mental as well as physical health and it was important to use a pre-Christmas period to get active.

“Now that sport has opened further across the board, including adult indoor activities, I encourage everyone who can to get involved,” he said.

“I’m sure there would be some genuine excitement with the latest lifting of restrictions. 

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“We’ve had some opportunity to re-engage with children’s and outdoor sport but we’re all back on deck now, although still with some restrictions.

“The importance of this is not just about playing a game, learning skills or fuelling a competitive nature. It is about touching base and getting back to engaging with each other through recreation. It’s about having kick-to-kick, hooking up with that partner you have played table tennis with the for past 20 years. Importantly, this is the opportunity to reconnect, socialise and engage.”

Mr Berry said the pandemic had provided clarity about the importance of community sport.

“The socialising aspect of sport plays an enormous part in our society. It is critically important for people to have ways of connecting and sport has forever played this crucial role in our part of the world,” he said.

“Sport is the glue that connects us all both socially and physically. Our physical and mental health through sport in emerging from the pandemic is vitally important. We must get moving.”

Mr Berry made his call on Premier Daniel Andrews’ announcement at the weekend that community sporting clubs could resume for contact and non-contact sports for adults as well as children.

Indoor sport such as basketball, volleyball, and table tennis can resume. Limits are 150 people indoors with a group size of up to 20 and 500 outdoors with groups of up to 50.

Mr Berry said in urging clubs and sporting codes across the Wimmera to swing into action that it was important all had COVID-safe plans in place and on hand.

“This is important because there is every likelihood that there will be departmental spot checks taking place,” he said.

“But at the sports assembly we’re back on deck full time and if there are any clubs that need help with a COVID-safety plan they can come into the office, call us or shoot us an email,” he said. People can call the assembly on 5382 4599 or email

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