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    Horsham Cricket Association president Tony Wills.

Cricket umpiring call

Long-time Horsham Cricket Association administrator and umpire Tony Wills has spoken about the benefits of being a regular cricket umpire.

Mr Wills, also association president, said the venture provided an ideal way for people to stay directly involved in the game, especially if they had retired from playing.

“Having enough umpires is a regular problem – be it through attrition, retirement whatever. But the truth is it is a great pastime,” he said.

“I’ve been doing it for nearly 20 years and I love every minute. You get the best seat in the house, and importantly, it’s a wonderful way to stay connected to this great game at a regional level.”

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Mr Wills said being an umpire was ‘enormously’ rewarding where as a ‘bystander’ you saw first-hand the level of cricket talent the region produced while maintaining connections with people across the region.

“While you need some degree of physical resilience and a thick skin, it’s primarily a lot of fun and it’s a way to be part of the action,” he said.

“While the body might not be up to playing, this is still a way to take part in the game – and to help pass on invaluable experience and leadership.”

Mr Wills said anyone keen to explore umpiring could get in touch with him or Darren Chesterfield via contact details on Horsham Cricket Association’s website.

He said the association could provide all the details needed for people to get up to speed with rules and regulations.

“Without umpires we’d be rudderless. Anyone who feels they can contribute to the health of cricket must consider this as a wonderful opportunity,” he said.

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