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    Mixx FM Morning Crew, Gabi James and Dan Robinson with Lucinda Taylor and Jodie Taylor. ACE Radio client night.
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    Kristyn Dolan, Melanie and Adrian Wade. ACE Radio client night.
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    Amanda Carracher, Catherine Sellens, Mick Fitzgerald and Anna Ferguson. ACE Radio client night.
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    Shona Creasey, Lottie Sordello and Lisa Sordello. ACE Radio client night.
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    Cassie, Pippa and Mick Menzies. ACE Radio client night.
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    Allison Roberts, Mandy Wallis, Bianca Inkster and Carlie Streeter. ACE Radio client night.
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    Sherrine Clark, Stuart Hall and Mark Sulic. ACE Radio client night.
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    ACE Radio chairman Rowly Paterson and Horsham manager Brendan O'Loughlin. ACE Radio client night.
  • Hero image
    ACE Radio chairman Rowly Paterson and Horsham manager Brendan O'Loughlin. ACE Radio client night.
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    Wade and Lynette Morrow with ACE Radio chief executive Mark Taylor. ACE Radio client night.
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    Dominic van Dyk, Vicki Tyler, Maryanne Thomas and Kel Tyler. ACE Radio client night.

EDITORIAL: A sense of solidarity, optimism

Some would argue there is no greater power than an honest sense of optimism and confidence, especially when it comes from a business perspective.

As confidence grows, so does spending and as spending grows so does demand, jobs and general economic activity. 

When there is confidence in the air, our steps forward are invariably larger and faster.

As we’ve seen in recovering from drought, steely resolve, fresh ideas and new ways to make ends meet come as the business community takes tentative steps from the doldrums.

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And West Vic Business ambassador Stacey Taig’s observations of  ‘a light at the end of the tunnel’ for the Wimmera’s business fraternity is more than a little encouraging.

It backs up similar thoughts that have been drifting from conversations at business gatherings, pre-Christmas get-togethers and future-projection meetings. 

It makes us consider the old term, ‘down but not out’.

While there is a lingering feeling of anxiety and a tough past two years, conversation topics are becoming upbeat as people show faith in and support traders of various goods and services.

If the optimism is as profound as some of us suspect, our region appears in fine shape to strongly emerge from the other side of the COVID-19 pandemic.

An atmosphere generated by business representatives at a Christmas client night for The Weekly Advertiser and radio stations 3WM and MIXX FM suggested as much.

Many reflected on experiences of tough going throughout the year, but just as many were quick and keen to discuss how their trading experiences were either bouncing back or accelerating.

Similar to East Grampians Business Awards in Ararat a couple of weeks earlier, there was a strong sense of solidarity and optimism. 

For some of us who have been covering the impact of the pandemic, this  growing feeling of positivity comes as an unexpected but welcome surprise.

There is broad acknowledgement that society has a way to go to fully emerge from COVID-19, but every little win we’re achieving appears to be building an extra layer of resilience.

We’re going to be dealing with uncertainly for some time, especially while COVID-19 shoots off variants that have scientists scurrying back to the lab.

But if anything is more infectious than the scourge of this virus, it must certainly be the resolve of our rural and regional business communities and their ability to see opportunity from the darkest depths.

Here’s hoping we can soon get close to finally beating this bug and can seriously start tapping into the optimism and confidence sneaking its way back to the surface.

The entire December 15, 2021 edition of The Weekly Advertiser is available online. READ IT HERE!