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EDITORIAL: Safety a must in state of recovery

‘When stumbling forward beware of the trip hazards!’ The expression is appropriate for many aspects of life as we scramble to free ourselves from the confines of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Easter break, while coming as a welcome relief for people keen to exploit the last great opportunity to soak up holiday time before the onset of winter, represents one of those potential tripping hazards.

After pushing through a year of restrictions and being able to experience a taste of freedoms during summer, the extended Easter weekend looms as a pivotal signpost directing us on a road to normality.

But this weekend, while for many a wonderful time of connectivity and solidarity and for others spirituality, comes with annual dangers – dangers that could well be amplified by a renewed community enthusiasm.

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The Easter break rivals Christmas as a traditionally deadly time on our roads and unfortunately many in the emergency-
service and some of us in media industries approach the occasion with some dread.

As such, we unequivocally join Victoria Police in an appeal for everyone planning to travel on busy roads this Easter to put safety ahead of any other holiday motivation.

We’re up for celebrating or partying as much as anyone. But let’s ensure if we’re driving anywhere that we safely get to our destinations first and make sure we can safely return.

That means following the rules – they are there for a reason – and driving defensively. 

We must tick all the boxes surrounding the threat of everything from fatigue, alcohol and drugs and not wearing seatbelts to being ready and in a position to respond to hazards beyond our control.

Forget about sharks, snakes and so on when considering the deadliest thing we might confront on holidays. 

It is the family car and other vehicles that often find their way to the top of such a list.

We also appeal for people to be sensible in making the most of their holidays.

In the Wimmera we have a wonderful opportunity to renew a love affair with major events and wilderness attractions

Let’s absorb experiences but at the same time avoid unnecessary risks. Everyone wants a holiday, including our emergency-
service personnel.

As a society we hit the deck during COVID-19. We must make sure we avoid taking as few tumbles as possible while finding our feet again. 

That means looking after each other, including on our roads.

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