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EDITORIAL: The power of mum

Amid all the anxiety surrounding everything involving COVID-19, such as the vaccination roll-out and latest travel bans and lockdowns, is a rapidly evolving socio-economic landscape reflective of society trying to emerge from a pandemic.

Everything seems to be happening or not happening – all at the same time.

Time for a breather? Perhaps a short one! 

One opportunity to pull into one of the crucial wayside stops of life will present itself on Sunday with the arrival of Mother’s Day.

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A tokenistic occasion? Perhaps for some, but certainly not for others and why not pause for a moment, especially after a tough 12 or so months, to celebrate our mums?

Sure we’d like to say we rejoice in our mums every day, but life has countless distractions and Mother’s Day, perhaps more than anything, provides us with an annual reminder to avoid taking them for granted.

Those of us lucky enough to have loving mums or other maternal figures, or supporting parents or guardians overall for that matter, can consider themselves blessed.

Some people don’t have mums, dads or either. Some don’t have that intimate family member they have grown up with to share something private, to lean on for support or to draw encouragement and direction. That’s when mates become a crucial fall-back.

If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it is that bonds generated through family support have never been more important. And in many cases it has been mums, in some form, generation or other, that have provided a rock of solidarity that has kept people together.

The term ‘mum’ can mean different things to different people or families. ‘Mum’ might be your mother, step-mother, grandma, great grandma or mother to your children. 

They can also be, importantly, that person who is so close, important and nurturing that they might as well be your mum.

We should never discount the power and strength of the connective bonds in society associated with and fostered by motherhood, in its various forms.

It is hard to measure something so profound as the ‘power of mum’, but make no mistake, it is a powerful and important force that shapes most people and cultures on the planet.

Sunday is for all mums but it is noteworthy that Mother’s Day is singular term. That means as well as a collective celebration, it is reflective of personalised recognition for individuals. It means celebrating my mum for me, your mum for you.

Let’s make an effort to celebrate our mums this weekend.

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