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    MILESTONE: Consortium Private Wealth founder and financial advisor Rob Goudie celebrates 25 years in the industry. Picture: KARL REITER

Educating people drives passion for planner Rob Goudie

Consortium Private Wealth founder and financial advisor Rob Goudie is celebrating 25 years of educating and supporting people with their personal finance. 

Mr Goudie, of Horsham, said he was proud to reach the milestone after an ‘amazing’ journey in the industry. 

“We started from a small base and small amount of people and staff and 25 years later, we are helping a lot of people and have a team who are caring and love looking after clients,” he said. 

“Investing in personal finance was something my family spoke about quite a lot, so it wasn’t hard to get into the industry because I had an interest.

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“I have always said investing and understanding personal finance is my hobby and my job, so it doesn’t feel like a job.”

Mr Goudie said a highlight for him was working with people in the community. 

“It’s about teaching my clients and building their understanding and education, which allows them not to worry about money and to focus on what they enjoy, such as different experiences and spending time with family and friends,” he said. 

“People can stress about money and to teach them they don’t need to watch the ebbs and flows and they can focus on having fun has been important.”

Mr Goudie said he also enjoyed working with his team. 

“To be able to see people build and get better at what they do, become partners, give advice in their own right, helping guide them and having them guide me is something I am proud of,” he said. 

“One thing I am proud of is that we keep educating people as the more knowledge people have, the better the decisions they make. I am happy we have an impact in that area.”

– Abby Walter

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