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    ROAD FORWARD: From left, Horsham’s Kevin Dellar and Gary Young, Horsham Football Club representative Bruce Hartigan, Horsham Rural City Cr Alethea Gulvin, district farmer Neville McIntyre, Rod Dumesny, also from Horsham Football Club, and Cr Josh Koenig discuss how a conceptual Horsham Rural City Council City to River plan would change Horsham City Oval. Picture: PAUL CARRACHER
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    Kevin Dellar.

Horsham City to River planning rethink

Horsham municipal leaders have reopened investigations into alternative sites for a proposed new sport centre.

The decision is among a raft of changes to a Draft City to River Masterplan involving sports facilities, city centre and riverfront, based on community feedback.

Horsham Rural City Council attracted 740 public submissions to the draft and adopted recommendations to reflect the feedback and divide the plan into sub-precincts.

Sub-precincts include a central activity district, Firebrace Street’s connection to the Wimmera River, Horsham Botanic Gardens, Horsham City Oval and Sawyer Park, Showgrounds Crownland, Showgrounds Freehold and Riverfront.

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The council has also changed gardens planning to include croquet and lawn tennis courts and miniature railway in future developments.    

Mayor Mark Radford said there were a variety of community responses from a wide age range.

“Subject to the outcome of a rescission motion at the next council meeting, there are things that can be done sooner rather than later and some that will require more planning,” he said.

Cr Radford said the next step was to start a schematic-design process for parts of the masterplan, strongly supported in the public feedback.

“This involves deciding exactly what things will look like and where they should go,” he said.

“Examples of individual projects that are at that stage include the Horsham City Oval and Sawyer Park concepts, riverfront improvement such as a cafe and splash park and enhancements to the way Firebrace Street connects to the river.”


Summary of adopted amendments to the draft masterplan:


·        Botanic Gardens Sub-Precinct - Amend the draft masterplan to show the Horsham Croquet Club in the Botanic Gardens with enhanced integration and connectivity - including removal of permanent fencing – as a regional facility, noting that a number of the lawn tennis courts are used to support regional tournaments.

·        Botanic Gardens Sub-Precinct - Amend the draft masterplan to show lawn tennis courts with enhanced integration and connectivity – including removal of permanent fencing – and work with Horsham Lawn Tennis Club, Tennis Victoria and Sport and Recreation Victoria to review future needs and demand for lawn tennis in the broader context of other tennis facilities and proposed regional tennis facility in Horsham, noting that the current footprint is to remain pending the aforementioned review.

·        Botanic Gardens Sub-Precinct - Amend the draft masterplan to remove the proposed lake.

·        Riverfront Sub-Precinct - Amend the draft masterplan to acknowledge the role of miniature railway in activation of the riverfront sub-precinct and work with the Wimmera Live Steam and Model Engineering Society to explore design options and a viable operating model as part of the design process.

·        Riverfront Sub-Precinct - Commence implementation of concept and schematic design for the riverfront improvements, including the splash park and site selection for the cafe/restaurant.

·        Riverfront Sub-Precinct - Undertake a market sounding and expression of interest process for the development-operation of the café/restaurant.

·        City Oval and Sawyer Park Sub-Precinct - Commence concept and schematic design process for City Oval and Sawyer Park area which considers options for the configuration of City Oval and Sawyer Park layout.

·        Showgrounds Freehold Sub-Precinct - Work with the Horsham Agricultural Society to advance the precinct planning and assist in the development of the site, which aligns with their operating model.

·        Key Connection Sub-Precinct - Commence schematic designs for the key connection along Firebrace Street.

·        CAD Renewal Sub-Precinct - Encourage and support the private sector in urban renewal including preparation of a development plan for the concrete batching plant site.

·        CAD Revitalisation Sub-Precinct - Commence schematic and detailed designs.

·        CAD Revitalisation Sub-Precinct - Note that the planning for the GovHub will be subject to further engagement with State Government Agencies.

·        CAD Revitalisation Sub-Precinct - Note that there are no plans to change the existing angle parking arrangements in the CAD and any reconfiguration will be subject to further consultation with business and other stakeholders as part of the schematic and detailed design stage.

·        CAD Revitalisation Sub-Precinct - Amend the draft City to River masterplan to show a series of meeting places in the CAD.

Note: Cr David Grimble has advised of his intention to lodge a rescission motion in relation to the above changes as resolved by Council.

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