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Humpty Dumpty donation

East Grampians Health Service urgent care centre and midwifery unit welcomed a donation by the Humpty Dumpty Foundation.

Humpty Dumpty Foundation aims to provide essential paediatric medical equipment to hospitals and health services across Australia for the prevention or control of disease in children.

East Grampians Health Service chief executive Andrew Freeman said urgent care received an Airvo humidifier, which would be used to ensure the speedy and effective treatment of young children who were experiencing breathing difficulties caused by issues such as croup and bronchitis. 

“The Airvo provides children with high-flower warmed and humidified oxygen,” he said.

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“During winter the urgent care centre has many children presenting with croup and bronchitis.”

He said the service’s midwifery unit received a ‘Breath of Life’ package, which included a Neopuff and humidifier.

“A Neopuff is used in the resuscitation of newborns when they don’t breathe on their own in the first minutes following birth, while the humidifier is used if a baby has to be given airway therapy for an extended length of time, decreasing symptoms and irritation to the airways by adding moisture to the air and stopping airways drying out,” he said.

“We are extremely grateful to the Humpty Dumpty Foundation for their generosity.

“Having the most up-to-date equipment is a vital part of providing the best service to our patients.”

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