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    Lake Hindmarsh.

Illegal tree felling at Lake Hindmarsh

Parks Victoria has found several illegally felled trees at Jeparit, Lake Hindmarsh Lake Reserve and Wimmera River Heritage Area Park.

Parks Victoria area chief ranger Lisa Freeman said there was a history of illegal tree felling in the areas, with 11 trees in the latest count.

“It is illegal to cut down and remove trees from public land without authorisation,” she said. 

“Many illegally felled trees are more than 100 years old, which means they won’t be replaced in our lifetime, or even the next generation.”

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Parks Victoria works in partnership with the Conservation Regulator and Victoria Police to patrol parks, forests, and reserves, targeting illegal firewood activity and habitat destruction. 

Authorised officers can issue infringement notices to those caught breaking the rules and serious offences will be taken to court. 

Officers can also seize any items involved in personal or commercial firewood theft, including chainsaws, trailers and vehicles.

More information on collecting firewood is available at

To report any suspected illegal firewood activity, people can call Parks Victoria on 13 19 63.

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