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    IN THE MIX: MIXX FM Brekky presenters Jenny ‘Jen’ Rose and Matt ‘Lippi’ Lipiarski were Principals for a Day at Horsham Primary School. They are pictured with foundation youngsters Blake Mackley and Maci Morrison. Picture: PAUL CARRACHER
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    BIG JOB: Central Grampians Local Learning and Employment Network executive officer Jessica Paterson is pictured with Waubra Primary School principal Cameron Landry and students Indiana and Lucy.

Jen and Lippi go back in the classroom

By Dean Lawson

Just what does it take to be in charge of a school full of children and deal with the pressures of providing our youngest and brightest with the best start possible?

Jenny ‘Jen’ Rose and Matt ‘Lippi’ Lipiarski from MIXX FM radio’s MIXX Brekky with Jen and Lippi found out all about it as part of a Principal for a Day program.

The pair, under the guidance of Horsham Primary School principal Chris Walter, gained inside information about how the school ticked during a day-long stint in the ‘driver’s seat’.

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The announcers, who engage with listeners from 6am to 10am Mondays to Fridays, spent time at the school’s Rasmussen and 298 campuses, seeing first-hand how teachers worked with a variety of students from foundation level to year six.

Both were beaming after the experience, declaring it was well worth the effort to gain insight into the inside running of a school. 

“The experience was certainly well worth it – not just learning about the day-to-day running of the school and a principal’s duties, but also spending time with students, getting to know them and what they enjoyed about school,” Matt said.

“The experience provided me much more than I expected. I didn’t realise just how much work actually went into student-learning processes.”

Jen echoed Matt’s sentiments with: “It was incredible. It was just so wonderful to spend a day with beautiful teachers and gorgeous kids.

“It was certainly enlightening in regard to the workloads of principals and the complexities in how every child is catered for. It’s so much work.

“I now have much more appreciation for what teachers and principals do. It was also super fun. We got to play downball, were given flowers by the kids in the playground and did lots of fun stuff. If anyone ever gets the opportunity, they should absolutely do it.”

Jen and Lippi plan to chat about their experiences on air.


Regional student-support leader Jessica Paterson, meanwhile, stepped out of her office and back into a classroom this week, also as a Principal for a Day.

 Ms Paterson, Central Grampians Local Learning and Employment Network executive officer, took on the role at Waubra Primary School in Pyrenees Shire.

 She said the opportunity to experience a day in the life of a state school principal offered a new perspective on the valuable work of schools.

“Being involved in the program offers insight into the future of education and enables us to work together, share skills, and build an ongoing relationship,” she said.

“Communication and feedback from our school communities is vital to the work we do at CGLLEN. This is another way for us to learn more about how we can support schools to ensure our young people get the most out of their education.”

Waubra Primary School principal Cameron Landry said the Principal for a Day program provided mutual benefits for schools and community leaders.

 “We were excited to welcome Jess to our school where we exchanged ideas, visited classes, talked with students, met parents and took part in ‘normal’ daily activities,” he said. 

 “Principal for a Day provided us with an excellent opportunity to enable Jess to gain unique insights into the learning environment at our school.”

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