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    DETERMINED: Central Park’s Matt Jones won his three sets on Saturday against Drung South opponents. Picture: PAUL CARRACHER

Lawn holds top position in Central Wimmera tennis

Round six will mark a top-of-the-table clash for Central Wimmera Tennis Association pennant competition as Horsham Lawn works to defend its top spot against Central Park.

Both teams are coming off round-five wins and will aim to continue their strong season.

Central Park defeated Drung South by six sets, with one set going to tie break.

Central Park’s Willow Sainsbury, Matt Jones and Adele Joseph won all their sets at the weekend.

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Horsham Lawn comfortably defeated St Michaels by four sets, with three sets won eight to love.

Horsham Lawn women were too strong as Tahlia Thompson, Cherie Wood and Gemma Walker did not drop a set all day.

St Michaels will look to add another win to its season as it takes on Drung South, which is yet to record a win.

Kalkee is establishing itself as the dominant team in A Special ahead of round six, yet to drop a win from the first five rounds.

Kalkee defeated Brimpaen by four sets and 35 games at the weekend after impressive performances by Debbie Lawson, Nicki Seymour and Kate Byrne, who won all their sets.

Horsham Lawn O’Connor was too strong for Natimuk, as August Koch and Sam Hoffman were able to win three sets apiece.

Horsham Lawn Gillespie won convincingly against Central Park, which forfeited three sets.

Brett Thompson, Shane McGrath and Lydi Boyd won all their sets for the winning team. Homers and Drung South played the closest round of the grade, separated by two sets and three games.

Ashlee Ison and Hugo Hopper won all their sets to help Homers over the line.

Central Park remains undefeated in A Grade after a six-set win against Haven. Horsham Lawn McGennisken and Horsham Lawn Bardell had a close round-five tussle, with McGennisken coming out on top by two sets and three games.

The B Special competition is separated by percentage.




Pennant: Central Park 9-85 d Drung South 3-52; Horsham Lawn 8-83 d St Michaels 4-46.

A Special: Horsham Lawn O’Connor 8-95 d Natimuk 6-78; Horsham Lawn Gillespie 12-110 d Central Park 2-52; Kalkee 9-100 d Brimpaen 5-65; Homers 8-81 d Drung South 6-78.

A Grade: Central Park 9-91 d Haven 3-51; Drung South 12-96 d St Michaels 0-0; Horsham Lawn McGennisken 7-70 d Horsham Lawn Bardell 5-67.

B Special: St Michaels 13-88 d Central Park 3-46; Horsham Lawn 15-94 d Haven 1-38; Natimuk 10-76 d Laharum 6-61.


Open: Horsham Lawn 6-36 d Haven 0-4; Central Park 5-32 d Homers 1-19; Quantong 5-33 d Brimpaen 1-21.

Section 1 Boys: Central Park Blue 6-36 d Homers 0-14; Horsham Lawn 3-28 d Central Park White 3-20.

Section 1 Girls: Central Park 6-36 d Haven 0-19; Horsham Lawn Gold 5-32 d Homers 1-14.

Section 2 Boys: Homers 6-36 d Haven 0-19; Horsham Lawn Green 5-32 d Horsham Lawn White 1-23. 

Section 2 Girls: Central Park Blue 4-32 d Central Park-Homers 2-22; Horsham Lawn White 3-26 d Horsham Lawn Gold 3-24; Horsham Lawn Green 5-31 d Haven 1-26.

Section 3 Boys: Haven 5-31 d Central Park 1-18; Horsham Lawn Green 5-33 d Horsham Lawn Gold 1-21.

Section 3 Girls: Haven Orange 3-26 d Horsham Lawn White 3-25; Natimuk 3-29 d Haven Pink 3-27.

Section 4 Boys: Central Park 3-25 d Horsham Lawn White 3-24; Horsham Lawn Gold 5-35 d Natimuk 1-24.

Section 4 Girls: Central Park 5-35 d Horsham Lawn White 1-24; Horsham Lawn Green 6-36 d Homers 0-11.

Match Play Section 5 and 6: Did not play due to heat.

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