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    REACH: Horsham Lawn McGennisken’s Adrian Talay stretches for a return in Saturday’s A Grade clash against Horsham Lawn Bardell. Picture: PAUL CARRACHER
  • Hero image
    Ash Brooks, LM, Lawn Bardell vs Lawn McGennisken, A Grade.
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    Kerrie Duxon, LM, Lawn Bardell vs Lawn McGennisken, A Grade.
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    Steph Runciman, Lawn Bardell vs Lawn McGennisken, A Grade.
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    Courtney Ramsey, Lawn Bardell vs Lawn McGennisken, A Grade.
  • Hero image
    Courtney Ramsey, Lawn Bardell vs Lawn McGennisken, A Grade.
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    Mick McGennisken, LM, Lawn Bardell vs Lawn McGennisken, A Grade.
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    Brendan Reinheimer, Lawn Bardell vs Lawn McGennisken, A Grade.
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    Mitch Fromm, Lawn Bardell vs Lawn McGennisken, A Grade.

Lawn teams dominating Central Wimmera tennis

By Abby Walter

Horsham Lawn has likely secured top position on the Central Park Tennis Association pennant ladder for the remainder of the season.

A strong win against second-placed Central Park on Saturday has Horsham Lawn three wins ahead with three rounds remaining.

Horsham Lawn won by six sets. Lachlan Punchard won his three sets for the victors, including a convincing 8-1 win against Reece Harman, and a tiebreaker with doubles partner Graeme Wood, who also won all his sets, against Harman and Brendan Nitschke.

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St Michaels put up a fight against Drung South, but was unable to get over the line.

Drung South won by two sets, with impressive performances by Hayley Reid and Sandra Casey who won all their sets.

Peter Hayes and Steve Schultz also won all their sets for St Michaels, but the team was unable to string together enough wins to increase its ladder standing.

Round 13 will see Central Park play against St Michaels, while Drung South will challenge itself against Horsham Lawn.

Teams heading for A Special finals have been locked in, with upcoming games set to decide who will secure a second chance.

The top four comprises Horsham Lawn O’Connor with nine wins, and Natimuk, Horsham Lawn Gillespie and Kalkee with eight wins each.

With three rounds remaining, they are unlikely to lose their top-four standing, as Haven, in fifth, is sitting on five wins.

Natimuk proved why it was pushed to the top of the ladder when it defeated Haven by eight sets.

The Sudholz contingent was once again to be reckoned with, as Carl, Cheryl, Kaiden and Archie won three sets each, well supported by Matthew Lee, who also won three sets.

Horsham Lawn Gillespie held onto third position with a four-set win against Drung South.

Joel Boyd and Ella Thompson won all of their sets for Horsham Lawn.

Thompson, with doubles partners Paige Thompson and Hailey Yorke, won two games 8-0.

Kalkee proved the finals series would be a close one after the fourth-placed team defeated Horsham Lawn O’Connor, second, by eight sets.

Kalkee’s Luke Byrne worked hard for his three-set wins, with two tiebreakers, while Tyler Pidgeon, Grant Schultz, Meaghan Pohlner and Debbie Lawson all played a strong round.

The two Horsham Lawn teams will come up against each other in round 13, while Kalkee plays Central Park and Natimuk plays Drung South.

Homers and Haven will play, while Brimpaen has a bye.

In A Grade, Horsham Lawn Bardell defeated Horsham Lawn McGennisken by two sets in the Horsham Lawn derby.

Both teams are in the top four, along with Central Park who had a convincing win against St Michaels White, while St Michaels Red retained its third-place position with a win against Haven.

If Haven can win its next three games, and some top four teams lose games, it is in with an opportunity to play finals.

Drung South will face Horsham Lawn Bardell, Horsham Lawn McGennisken will play St Michaels Red and St Michaels White will face Haven.

Central Park was too strong for Haven in B Special, while Horsham Lawn and Natimuk had the most competitive game of the round with eight sets each and a 10-game win to Horsham Lawn.

Laharum will play Horsham Lawn in round 13 while Natimuk plays Central Park. 

The top four in B Special is unlikely to change ahead of finals.




Pennant: Horsham Lawn 9-88 d Central Park 3-59; Drung South 7-76 d St Michaels 5-60.

A Special: Natimuk 11-97 d Haven 3-67; Horsham Lawn Gillespie 9-95 d Drung South 5-61; Kalkee 11-100 d Horsham Lawn O’Connor 3-77; Central Park 14-112 d Brimpaen 0-0.

A Grade: St Michaels Red 8-83 d Haven 4-59; Central Park 8-81 d St Michaels White 4-63; Horsham Lawn Bardell 7-78 d Horsham Lawn McGennisken 5-73.

B Special: Central Park 16-96 d Haven 0-33; Horsham Lawn 8-69 d Natimuk 8-59.


Open: Quantong 4-29 d Haven 2-21; Central Park 6-36 d Horsham Lawn 0-10; Natimuk 4-28 d Brimpaen 2-24.

Section 1 Boys: Central Park Blue 6-36 d Homers 0-13; Horsham Lawn 4-30 d Central Park White 2-23. 

Section 1 Girls: Homers 4-29 d Horsham Lawn White 2-20; Central Park 5-34 d Horsham Lawn Gold 1-14.

Section 2 Boys: Homers 5-30 d Haven 1-20; Horsham Lawn White 5-34 d Horsham Lawn Green 1-15.

Section 2 Girls: Horsham Lawn Green 6-36 d Central Park-Homers 0-10; Horsham Lawn White 5-35 d Central Park Blue 1-13; Haven 3-29 d Central Park White 3-26.

Section 3 Boys: Central Park 3-29 d Haven 3-25; Horsham Lawn Green 6-36 d Horsham Lawn Gold 0-19.

Section 3 Girls: Horsham Lawn Gold 6-36 d Natimuk 0-5; Horsham Lawn White 3-28 d Haven Pink 3-26.

Section 4 Boys: Central Park 5-35 d Natimuk 1-8; Horsham Lawn Red 5-33 d Horsham Lawn Gold 1-19.

Section 4 Girls: Homers 3-24 drew with Horsham Lawn Gold 3-24; Horsham Lawn White 3-30 d Horsham Lawn Green 3-27.

Match Play Section 5: Haven White 6-24 d Central Park 0-3; Horsham Lawn Gold 3-17 d Horsham Lawn White 3-16; Horsham Lawn Green 6-24 d Haven Blue 0-7; Horsham Lawn Yellow 6-24 d Homers 0-4.

Match Play Section 6: Haven 6-24 d Horsham Lawn Orange 0-6; Central Park 3-18 d Horsham Lawn Blue 3-15.

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