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    STEPPING UP: Horsham Primary School captains, front, Nash Clark, Bella St Clair and Ella Schultz, and vice-captains, back, Ethan Hill, Lexi Walter and Maddi Lawes are looking forward to their leadership roles with the school. Picture: PAUL CARRACHER

Leadership team appointed at Horsham Primary School

Horsham Primary School has announced its school captains for 2024 as term one gets underway. 

School captains and grade- six students Bella St Clair, Ella Schultz and Nash Clark will have support from vice-captains Ethan Hill, Lexi Walter and Maddi Lawes. 

Nash said he was not overly daunted at becoming a school captain and would look to use his position to help others. 

“I can’t wait to help more people with tricky stuff and be a good representative for the school,” he said. 

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Nash said his favourite subjects were mathematics, art, writing and reading as he began his last year of primary school. 

“It feels weird, the year is going to go so quickly – I’ve just got to be one of the leaders,” he said.

“Then, I’m basically going back to being a prep student, when I go to secondary school.” 

Bella said the leadership candidates were challenged to think on their feet to secure their roles. 

“We had to answer questions in front of last year’s school captains and the vice-principals,” she said. 

“We didn’t really know the questions either, so we just went into it with an empty head.”

Bella said the leaders were already starting to notice the different challenges that came with being a senior member of the school. 

“There’s going to be more opportunities, but also more responsibility,” she said.

“I just got two buddies at the start of recess.”

Ella said the group had more jobs to do around the school, including flag-raising and organising the bins. 

– Sean O’Connor

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