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LETTER: A quick fix

SIR, – Re The Weekly Advertiser story ‘Home for Ticket Agency’, December 8, 21. 

I read with disappointment of V-Line’s perfunctory efforts to appease with their solution to the inferior situation surrounding the bus stop in Roberts Avenue in Horsham that has existed for years, not just the past 11 months.

The logistics that have been brushed aside are just as significant as the collection of money. 

When through traffic to Adelaide and Melbourne return to normal, so will the same old inadequate aspects, for example; little or no comfortable waiting area, crowds congregating on the footpath, multiple coaches in one small area and passengers dragging suitcases out onto the road in all weathers.

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Now Horsham library is to be a ticket office. 

The same library that is a block away from the bus stop, open only at limited hours during the week and closed at the time of three coaches arriving and departing daily – certainly of no use to me either because I arrive at 9am and depart at 1pm, when it is closed for an hour each side.

In my opinion, although the library is a feeble quick-fix orchestrated by someone who has never pulled a suitcase or shopping trolley along a footpath, those advocating the use of the Horsham Railway Station as a transit hub should first consult people who catch busses primarily  because they don’t have a car.

Perhaps a free shuttle from the station – I don’t think so!

Catherine Selwood


The entire January 12, 2022 edition of The Weekly Advertiser is available online. READ IT HERE!