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LETTER: Christmas message

SIR, – Christmas means family to me. It is that time of year when we make an extra special effort to contact and spend time with our loved ones. 

For many though, this can be a difficult time because they are separated from their special people. It is important that we be aware of and supportive of everyone in our community at Christmas time.

COVID-19 has and continues to challenge our way of living. The lived experience of each of us has been different. 

Please show patience and kindness to others as we are all coping the best we can. 

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A smile and a kind word can make the world of difference to both receiver and giver. By supporting each other and our local businesses, we will recover from this pandemic stronger as a community.

I wish everyone a happy and safe Christmas and a 2022 that sees your hopes and dreams come true.

Robyn Gulline, Horsham mayor


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