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LETTER: Closed minds, loud voices

SIR, –  Reading a letter ‘Rejected before’, April 6, 2022, has highlighted that the minority seem to have a lot to say in regard to the elected Horsham Rural City Councillors and the council in general. 

Please highlight ‘elected’ because our councillors are elected by the members of our community and each four years all members of the community are invited to nominate to run for an elected councillor position.

Each month, the council meetings agenda is available for all members of the public to view; and then after the meeting the minutes and details on discussions are also available for the public to view. 

In the past 18 months I have not seen any motion or plans that have indicated that the Firebrace Street scape will be changing in the near future. There has been consultation with the community on future development options and suggestions. 

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Could I please repeat this has been consultation in which the community can have a say. 

As I understand, there have been many suggestions and opinions during this process, as there is with all community consultation. Some of these the media has decided to discuss more than others. I think it’s time for the whole of this community to support the community members who we elected as councillors and the council staff who are just doing their job.

The negative feedback and comments are definitely not helping to move our community into the future, the personal comments are attacks on community members who are focusing their efforts on making a difference. It’s time to show some old-fashion manners and be polite  and respect others.  

N. Hanrahan, Horsham

The entire April 13, 2022 edition of The Weekly Advertiser is available online. READ IT HERE!