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LETTER: Energy supply concern

SIR, – Added to Australia’s waste-disposal crisis, The Weekly Advertiser, editorial, September 21, another big issue is around energy supply.

The latest Australian Energy Market Operator report shows that ongoing coal and gas breakdowns are making it harder to keep the lights on – or in the Wimmera’s case keeping the air conditioning on in summer.

Australia’s ageing coal-fired power stations are ready to retire and they need to be replaced with smart, renewable technology.

Again the Wimmera is leading in wind and solar development.

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Federal Energy Minister Angus Taylor is playing the blame game, but it’s the Federal Government’s energy policy chaos that’s putting our energy security at risk.

We need a national energy policy that will keep driving investment in more cheap, clean renewable energy backed by storage to replace Australia’s retiring coal stations.

A door-to-door survey of 100 Stawell residents indicated most people expected a national energy plan to be prepared by the Federal Government to guide decision making.

It’s hard to understand why the Federal Government has continued to procrastinate. Is the fossil fuel lobby that powerful?

Julie Andrew


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