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LETTER: Honoured to represent

Sir, – I would like to thank everyone in the electorate of Mallee who voted for me in the recent Australian Federal Election 2022. 

I was honoured to be able to represent you as a true stand-alone community independent candidate in the months during the lead up to the election. 

Even if you didn’t vote for me, I was still honoured to have represented you. 

Although I was not successful this time, I still call this the greatest achievement of my lifetime. I stepped up and stood up for my people and communities across the electorate of Mallee on the platform of making us future ready on integrity, healthcare, renewables and connecting our rural and regional centres on road, rail, runways, and digital infrastructure.

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Special thanks to all who supported me in every way they could, from coffee and food drop offs to time and pep talks; the nostalgic conversations with community who knew my family and me as a child growing up in Horsham; the new conversations and friendships I have forged around the electorate. Also, the random acts of kindness from strangers, like Laurie phoning to make sure I got to Piangil safely in case I ran out of fuel, or just allowing me to put up a sign. You know who you are. I thank you all. I am so grateful and proud for the experience that you have given me. 

I will continue my advocacy of excellence in leadership through aspirational and sustainable innovation, delivered ethically and transparently in my local government councillor role and look forward to the opportunity to represent you again, at a future election.

Claudia Haenel


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