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LETTER: My fellow seniors

Sir, – I am smiling as I put pen to paper to write this ‘letter’ as I feel a quiet confidence that it will be read – because that’s what us seniors do, and have done, most of our lives. 

We read, probably with a cuppa or coffee at hand, and inwardly digest.

Last week was Seniors Week. Six to seven days when we ‘silver foxes’ are given a small window of recognition and an opportunity to ‘strut our stuff’, reminisce and share with our succeeding generations our wealth of knowledge, value, expertise and memories.

Unfortunately, like many other events over the past periods, Seniors Week celebrations became another victim of the COVID crisis and were cancelled.

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Now we have to hang in for another 12 months for our official acknowledgment.

In the meantime folks, may I suggest that we all dig deep into our past endeavours and achievements, sometimes shaped at the ‘school of hard knocks’ and stand tall in the knowledge that we have something special in our hearts and minds – the fact that we have lived through perhaps the most interesting period in world history. From steam to space travel, outside toilets to bidets, billy carts to E-bikes, pen to paper to electronic technology, which some have embraced with amazing alacrity and skill.

In fact, we have probably forgotten more than the average 30-year-old knows. We have ‘given back’ to society and most likely in some form are still volunteering our precious commodity – time!

Would it be asking too much if society were to look upon a senior as a well-worn book, which has become so because it is full of wonderful content?

Remember, treasures are not necessarily held inside a vault or museum.

Kola A Kennedy, Horsham

The entire October 13, 2021 edition of The Weekly Advertiser is available online. READ IT HERE!