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LETTER: Retain a two-storey design

I recently attended the funding announcement for a new stage at Horsham City Oval.

The designs on view showed a proposed new community facility with change rooms to replace the existing Horsham Football Club rooms, as a single-storey building.

Respectfully, my community is telling me they wish to retain the iconic double story and balcony outlook design that makes our Horsham City Oval the ideal viewing platform. 

A new balcony with its outlook over the oval, river and green spaces would be the jewel in the crown of our river precinct.

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Anyone who has enjoyed the city oval and football club facilities over the years would have had the wonderful experience of being up on the second level and balcony with the view overlooking the grounds. 

The jostling to have a photo opportunity out on the balcony at the recent funding announcement proves it really is everyone’s preferred outlook. 

So why aren’t we retaining a two-storey design?

It is also hoped the future upgrades might include a new grandstand at city oval.

Community tells me we have a perfectly good one that has historic features and most I talked to wish to retain it. 

Let’s not forget there are some community sporting groups in the league who, once they lost their grandstand, have never had it replaced. 

It seems practical and sensible to retain our existing grandstand with some upgrade and put the funds that would have gone towards a new grandstand into a new iconic second storey on the new community facility and change rooms that most want to see built.

We are often told to dare to dream. Imagine a new second storey and balcony that would overlook the river and gardens – a wonderful wedding and function venue and possibly even a rooftop dining experience, that would house Horsham’s historic football club. 

If we don’t ask, we won’t get. 

It is my experience that designs can be replaced within weeks. 

Now is the time for Horsham community to stand up and make its voice heard.

Cr Claudia Haenel, 


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