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LETTER: Spend wisely

SIR, – Re Horsham mayor Robyn Gulline’s comments on how our city lacks significant facilities to support activities for the upcoming Commonwealth Games.

For years we have been pushing for a sporting complex. But nothing has been done, no one has bitten the bullet and turned the sod.

There has been mention of land west of Horsham College – Jenkinson Estate. This would house whatever sport you wish to put there – athletics, football, basketball and could be combined with the college – or to use Horsham Showground. You have the track which could be upgraded for athletics and could host state competitions and bring people to Horsham. And it could open up to support our travelling nomads and bring tourists into the town.

Rather than spending dollars along the river or on a bigger city oval to support AFL games – Ballarat has one how often is that used? – let’s put our funds into more useful items such as more car parks at the hospital and Lister House Clinic and to tidy up the railway yards We are always talking about more tourism. Look at the towns around our city over the last week or so – Stawell, Halls Gap, Warracknabeal, Jeparit, Dimboola – all bursting with activities.

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Furthermore upon speaking with locals, they said Horsham is an embarrassment because it was hard to get a coffee after 3pm. Forget the main street. Put the money into things we really need and yes, plant trees.

N. and B. Janetzki, Horsham

The entire May 4, 2022 edition of The Weekly Advertiser is available online. READ IT HERE!