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    Stawell Town Hall.

Northern Grampians Shire Council to trial new rate model

Northern Grampians Shire Council proposes to introduce a ‘floating differential’ model to reduce the impact of rates on its residents. 

The council, in its 2022-23 draft budget, has proposed the model to ‘reduce the impact’ of ‘year-on-year rates variations’ stemming from ‘disproportionate valuation movements’ between properties and property types. 

Mayor Tony Driscoll said the council had been conscious of the significant movements in farmland valuations over the past few years, which had led to those properties paying a greater share of the total rates bill. 

“This model will eliminate rate shock caused by disproportionate valuation movements between property types,” he said. 

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“The council will be phasing this in over the next four years to return the proportion of rates paid by each property type to historical levels, ensuring a fair and equitable outcome for all.” 

The council will consider public submissions when it meets to adopt its 2022-23 budget next week. Submissions closed on Monday. 

The draft budget lists $12.4-million for enhanced lifestyle and community services; $6.3-million for roads, bridges and other council-owned assets; and $3.8-million for parks and recreation projects, including maintenance. 

The council expects to generate $19.4-
million from rates and charges and an additional $17.3-million from grants and contributions of a total $45-million budget. 

Major projects within the draft budget include a refurbishment of Stawell library, lighting works at Stawell’s North Park and St Arnaud’s Lord Nelson Park and female-friendly changerooms at Stawell’s Central Park.

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