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OPINION: Keep the whistle for the footy field

There is nothing inherently different between someone who lives near a tram stop and someone who has built their home beside a broad-acre farm. 

While there might be several differences in lifestyle, social and political beliefs, such characteristics are so often just as various within urban and rural communities, as they are between them. 

Political commentary that weaponises supposed differences is only a damaging tool.

Politics doesn’t have to be simply courteously bipartisan either. But as people, the parochial whistle often grabs our attention first, for better or for worse, and it often sings a comforting tune. 

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Let’s have our parochial cravings served by support of a football team instead. 

Apart from the cost of entry, a drink and a meal, it is cheaper and less nationally-paralytic than some recent political commentary. 

And for most people at least, a post-game perspective re-emerges within hours no matter how many eyes the umpire supposedly has, or how many pineapples you swear mysteriously fill their post-game pockets. 

It might leave more brain space for arguing about things that actually matter. 

And there will be no shortage of things that will matter, especially as Victorians only get six months leave until the whistle becomes a temptation again. 

The entire June 1, 2022 edition of The Weekly Advertiser is available online. READ IT HERE!