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    UNITED: Pharmacist Michaela Del Castillo, centre, with TerryWhite Chemmart Horsham Compounding owner Jossy Dan, left, and Horsham Priceline Pharmacy owner Cobie McQueen. The two pharmacies jointly paid for Mrs Del Castillo to complete two years of studies in wound-care treatment.

Pharmacies unite for wound service

Two Wimmera pharmacies have teamed up to ensure the Horsham community has access to qualified wound-care treatment outside of hospitals and medical clinics.

Horsham Priceline Pharmacy and TerryWhite Chemmart Horsham Compounding jointly paid for pharmacist Michaela Del Castillo to complete two years of study in specialist wound care at Monash University.

Mrs Del Castillo, who works for both pharmacies, is now qualified to assess wounds with incomplete healing from prescribed treatment.

Horsham Priceline Pharmacy owner Cobie McQueen said Mrs Del Castillo’s graduate certificate would be invaluable to the community.

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“I’m not aware of any other pharmacist in the Wimmera with such a qualification, so it puts Michaela in a very important position,” she said.

“Her knowledge of wound care means people won’t have to queue in a hospital emergency room or make a doctor’s appointment just to get their wound treated.

“It’s going to take the load from these services.”

Mrs Del Castillo said she was qualified to help patients who had been suffering from non-healing wounds.

“I can assess the wound, check what medications the patient is taking and then redress the wound or recommend the best bandage and dressing for their particular situation,” she said.

“I can then recommend the best medication for that particular situation.

“Since completing my studies I have already applied my knowledge, helping several clients with their wounds and I received plenty of positive feedback for my help.”

Ms McQueen said Mrs Del Castillo’s position at both pharmacies influenced their bipartisan support decision.

“Michaela works at TerryWhite Chemmart every Monday and Tuesday and at Priceline on Thursdays and Fridays,” she said.

“It made sense to share the costs so we could share the rewards for our customers.

“The real benefit is that it will make wound-care treatment so much easier for all our customers because they won’t have to line up at emergency rooms or medical clinics.”

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