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    COMING TO LIFE: ‘Future surface’ animation combining technology, art and perceptions of climate change will be the subject of Art is… festival workshops.

Phoning in on art

Budding artists keen to explore a combination of creativity and technology can be part of a Horsham Art is… festival animation project.

Festival organisers have arranged ‘future surface’ animation workshops led by artists Stephen Mushin and Hannah French.

The Art is... festival X Future Surface is a first-of-its-kind digital learning space.

With a climate-change theme, the workshops, for young people 12 and older, will allow participants to ‘animate, create and start to understand the world of augmented reality’.

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The workshops ask the question: ‘what will a climate change-affected Wimmera look like in the future?’

Festival spokeswoman Sarah Natali said animation could open the door of expression through art.

“Our stories are what make us unique. By bringing them to life through animation, we can make personal connections, exchange our cultures and share our narratives,” she said.

“The Art is... festival X Future Surface will showcase individual stories that document, comment on and provide insight into our past, present and future including the real and relevant stories of participants and their visions of the future – the young people of the Wimmera.”

The workshops tap into the potential of EyeJack, an augmented reality smartphone app.

Stephen Mushin is an industrial designer and artist focused on tackling climate change and species extinction and Hannah French is a Natimuk artist.

In the two workshops, participants will create their own images and animations, which will become part of an augmented reality tour on the streets of Horsham.

The process is designed to open an opportunity for audiences to experience these artworks on two levels – first as the printed image, and then through free software on their smartphone the image will reveal a new animated and augmented layer.

Ms Natali said the ‘high-energy, design-science and art-animation workshop’ would help young people create positive future environmental visions.

“Together we will design challenging and thought-provoking animations to be placed around Horsham via augmented reality,” she said.

“Don’t know what augmented reality is? Participants don’t need to know. They can just come join in the fun and find out.”

People can find out more about the workshops or join them by calling Sarah Natali on 0468 387 121.

The 2021 Art is... festival runs from May 28 to June 6.


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