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Point of difference every club needs

With repetitive, albeit traditional, schedules fixing the region’s football and netball games to a Saturday afternoon, it is unsurprising a Sunday game garners this weekend’s sporting attention.

As sporting clubs deal with a myriad of financial and membership effects caused by the pandemic, Sunday’s football and netball games at Coughlin Park in Horsham between Horsham Saints and Horsham Demons are the point of difference every club needs.

In April, Horsham Demons hosted the Wimmera Football Netball League’s Anzac Day night game at Horsham City Oval – played against their cross-shoulder Saints rivals.

The floodlights lit up the arena with a substantial amount of fans, families, visitors and players from other clubs – normally unable to catch a league match other than their own – able to settle into an evening of regional sport.

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With the Saints a chance to cash in and enjoy the benefits of standalone games this Sunday, a similar possibility emerges – to the benefit of the region – and of course the coffers of the red, white and black.

It is also a refreshing breakup to a winter sporting season that can roll along in monotonous fashion.

Regional broadcasters get in on the action, too, with Sunday commentary, and you could bet the pubs might get busier than the normal dinner rush, even if there is no public holiday this time to follow those hoping to cruise from the grandstand to the front bar for an extended stay.

There no doubt remains logistical limitations to constant feature fixturing, and of course the unequal capacity for some clubs to host evening or Sunday games given lighting infrastructure limitations, cross-organisation clubroom-sharing situations, or members and players work commitments.

But the option to explore the possibility of more regular league-wide features would be a financial opportunity many clubs, you would suspect, would jump at.

And there is something exciting about breaking up the steady Saturday rotation of regional football and netball even if some people might argue if it ain’t broke…

Sometimes you are unsure what needs attention until you’ve lifted up the bonnet and had a look.


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