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    Lake Fyans will be the main water source, with smaller volumes of water sourced from Mt William headworks or gravity-fed from Mt Cole.

Revised $85.2-million eastern Grampians pipeline plan

By Abby Walter

Original plans for an $85.2-million eastern Grampians pipeline project have been scaled back due to funding constraints.

Within a revised scope of the East Grampians Rural Water Supply Project, Lake Fyans will be the main water source, with smaller volumes of water sourced from Mt William headworks or gravity-fed from Mt Cole.

Initial works will capture about 70 percent of meter points identified for the project and the build will allow for future connections to the pipeline.

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GWMWater managing director Mark Williams said revisiting the market for tender presented an opportunity to deliver the best possible outcome for customers. 

“Given current cost pressures, we are committed to getting the best value for money to service as much of the project footprint as possible,” he said.

“We consider the current market conditions offer the best opportunity to deliver the project, that we anticipate commencing in April 2024.”

Mr Williams said the pipeline design was finalised and ‘only a few kilometres’ of pipeline alignment were yet to be secured.

“A performance-based, construct-only contract will ensure we deliver the best value for money for the project, allowing us to service the maximum number of customers with the available funding,” he said. The Federal Government through the National Water Grid Fund, the State Government and GWMWater will jointly fund the project.

It was first announced in 2018.

Cape Dunstan was initially contracted to deliver the design and secure the alignment of pipeline corridors and nominate sites for facility assets such as pump stations and storages.

Planning processes were more complex for the East Grampians project than GWMWater’s preceding rural pipeline projects.

The state and federal governments provided formal approval this year for the revised scope to be built within the funding available. 

Northern Grampians mayor Rob Haswell said shire areas within the project’s zone two construction plan included Bellellen, Black Range, Great Western and Garden Gully.

“As a council, we care about our residents and the businesses in our shire and hope this project, once complete, will facilitate access to a reliable, high-quality, year-round water supply and thus relieve water stress factors for industry,” he said.

“Alleviating reliance on catchment dams should lead to significant environmental and cultural benefits associated with local landscapes, waterways and wetlands, too.”

The Lake Fyans pumping station rebuild was tendered separately and the contract awarded to Envirotech Water Solutions to begin construction.

The pipeline aims to secure water supply for the future of rural landowners and small towns near Ararat.

It marks another opportunity for communities in the region to benefit from water savings secured by the Wimmera-Mallee pipeline.

Mr Williams said GWMWater would to continue to engage with customers and landholders about the revised scope of the project as the pipeline tender was awarded and network design finalised.

More information about the project, and a live map is available online at

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