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    ON THE HUNT: North Stawell Minerals’ staff sampling roadside soil.

Sampling focus for explorer North Stawell Minerals

North Stawell Minerals has started soil sampling across its tenements as part of a mission to find high-grade gold deposits in Stawell Mineralised Corridor.

The public company, formed last year, has had an intensive drilling program from November to May near Glenorchy, which sits over a five-kilometre ‘Wildwood’ basalt dome.

The company also commissioned an extensive gravity air survey over its tenements between Stawell and Murtoa to further boost its knowledge of the area’s rock formations and to identify anomalies.

NSM chief executive Steve Tambanis said the drill and air-survey results, combined with a few solid months of soil sampling, would give geologists crucial information required to plan the next round of drilling later in the year.

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“We are currently recording and analysing 10,000 metres of rock core, plus samples derived from 50 tonnes of rock chips – all taken from Wildwood,” he said.

“It’s the first time an explorer has completed such a deep-drilling program on the basalt dome, which is well known for its high-grade gold mineralisation.”

Mr Tambanis said an NSM team had grown from four to 12 employees during the past seven months, to ensure that literally ‘no rock was unturned’.

“Our geologists and field officers are soil sampling along roadsides and on private farmland,” he said. 

“They’ll be using the latest hand-held x-ray technology to take readings of the soil compilation, as well as taking small bags of soil samples. 

“It’s zero-to-very-low impact work and we always consider the local flora and fauna with any exploration activity we conduct.”

Mr Tambanis thanked landholders who had so far given NSM access and encouraged anyone with questions relating to NSM exploration activities to contact a community engagement team on 0477 011 277.

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